Valerie is a very attractive and natural appearance with long flowing hair, big sparkling eyes, and delicate curves. This sweet and intelligent beauty has a perfectly toned yet feminine body and a elegant look. Valerie will take your breath away.
If you are delighted by a rare blend of exquisite elegance and genuine disposition let us bring a of sunshine into your world. You will be enchanted by Valerie’s captivating beauty, irresistible femininty, heart melting smile, down-to-earth demeanor, as well as her unbridled passion for people and life. Your time together will be equally as fun whether you go out on the town, away on vacation or spend a quiet night at home. You will enjoy her warmth and kindness during your time together. Valerie was born to shine, the total package.

  • name
  • age
  • hair
  • eyes
  • height
  • weight
  • sizes
  • cup
  • language
  • education
  • international travel
  • Valerie
  • 28
  • Darkblond long
  • green
  • 1.70 m
  • 53 kg
  • 34
  • C
  • English, Spanish
  • University degree, human resource management
  • yes